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Smeet is a free to play browser-based 3D Social MMO that blends puzzle-based gameplay with dynamic social features. Meet thousands of new people, share YouTube videos and escape into a 3D paradise. In Smeet, you’ll be able to design your own unique 3D avatar, style him or her with popular clothing and accessory brands, solves puzzles and complete quests, visit clubs and make friends, and create and design you virtual dream home in style. Whether you want to design your own home, play a wide array of games, visit clubs, hang out with friends, or all at once, Smeet is your game!

Smeet Key Features

Your Own World – Raise your own cute pets and teach them cool tricks! Or just start taking care of your 3D garden and your own farm! For each activity, you will be rewarded with Smeet Fame Points. Experience a whole new kind of 3D world!

Array Of Mini-Games – In the 3D World, you can play cool integrated browser games, casual games, and other fun Flash games. Play now with your friends, beat their High Scores or meet new people as you play. Compete with other users in quizzes and other integrated mini-games and move up the ranks!

3D Community – When you don’t feel like playing games anymore, just start using the popular 3D Chat. Chat with old friends and flirt with new ones. In the 3D community, you can chat with real people and visit live online events and watch videos together. Be part of the most interactive place to meet new people in a playful way in the web!