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Kingdom At War

Kingdom At War

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Throne: Kingdom At War is a strategy game available on browser, and on iOS and Android devices. The game combines 2D and 3D graphics in a medieval setting, populated by violent assailants, powerful castles, and a hoard of enemy players ready to take your resources. Build your castle defenses and train up an army to take on a wide variety of foes with the ultimate goal of taking the throne of the Kingdom of Amaria after the death of the king. Complete quests, plunder resources, infiltrate keeps, research new technologies, train Heroes, and more to balance your resource usage and increase your strength. Fight alone, or join up with allies to create or join an Order to participate in clan-based combat to lead your friends to victory.

Throne: Kingdom At War Key Features:

  • Construct a Medieval Town – upgrade and personalize your home base, building it from the ground up to become a powerful force for military resources that allows you to create new units, technologies, and more.
  • Hero Customization – level up your hero and allocate skills according to your personal playstyle, and equip them with strong gear to provide bonuses to your war efforts.
  • Train and Command An Army – recruit a variety of units to command, including Knights, Spearmen, Scouts, Cavalry, and more.
  • Join an Order – take up arms with fellow Lords or create your own clan to work as a team to lead the charge against your opponents and claim the throne.
  • Global Tournaments – take part in tournaments to achieve the title of King, allowing players to give other Lords certain Reputation bonuses and collect tribute in Silver.